Don’t hesitate, just call or fill out this form and Lion’s Roar Church Audio will take the worry out of maintaining your technical systems.

When something goes wrong with your sound system, your first thought is, “should we call someone?” Then you wonder whom you should call. Let Lion’s Roar Church Audio be your A/V system maintenance staff. We all have problems with our technical gear that crop up occasionally; a hum, a buzz, a mic that doesn’t work, no video from the projector, etc. Instead of trying to deal with it yourself or wait until your overworked maintenance guy can look at it, call a professional. We have the troubleshooting skills and tools to find the problem so you don’t waste time trying to fix something that isn’t broken. Then we can take care of removal and reinstallation of anything that needs to be shipped out for warranty repair.

For a small monthly fee, we will be at your disposal to take care of any problems that crop up in your audio, video and stage lighting systems. Additionally, twice a year, we will go through your systems, checking them for problems, cleaning racks and filters and check the frequency response of the sound system. Along the way, we will make recommendations for needed upgrades.